University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler, Research Park,
Building #3720, Rm#114
Tampa, FL 33620
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College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Rehabilitation Engineering College of Medicine, School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Motion Analysis Laboratory is an important part of the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science's emerging musculoskeletal research agenda includes the operation of a state of the art Motion Analysis Laboratory in conjunction with the College of Engineering. This laboratory, located in the University of South Florida Research Park, is designed to assess human movement and function over a variety of conditions and activities. A Vicon System with 8 camera M-series array provides real time kinetic (force) and kinematic (motion) data acquisition for display, storage and subsequent analysis. Normal and abnormal movement associated with disease, injury or the use of an adaptive or robotic device can be quantified and the associated neuromuscular impairments or functional limitations identified. The concurrent use of the COSMED K4b2 portable metabolic system enables the unconstrained recording of over 30 physiological responses during motion events adding an additional dimension of data acquisition during gait, ergonomic, sports or virtually any functional activity.
Motion Analysis Laboratory Equipment:
Man Motion 3 Man Motion 4
• 8 camera Vicon 612 system with M-series cameras
• 64-channel A/D converter with software
• Vicon Analysis Toolkit Software upgrade (2008)
• Vicon Real Time Software for data collection
• Vicon Bodybuilder Software for biomechanics
• Vicon Polygon Software for reporting and graphical presentation
• 2 AMTI Force Plates with internal amplifiers
• 1 (3 inch) ATI Multi-Axis Force & Torque Transducer
• 9 Heavy Duty Professional Tripods with pan/tilt heads
• 1 Dell desk top computer
• 1 Canon Elura 80 Digital Camcorder